Monday, June 15, 2009

Mosey on

I'm finally in a bit of a mood to work on my blog. A lot has happened, since the last posting.

The main reason that I've not been posting, is because I've been internalizing a Terrible Date from Hell with a from MoHo.

It is remarkable the harm that can be done by someone that seems to be kind and harmless. I have been struggling to figure out what life lessons can be learned from having a toxic experience with some one that is subtle, cruel, mean spirited, ungrateful and evil hearted.

If a person feels guilty, you would think that they would analyze why, and what is the cause from within, rather than what is without to blame their issue upon.

Christ taught us love and charity; To love thy neighbor as thyself. What was done to me, was cold blooded, vicious and reprehensible. If a person has issues with someone, you speak with them. If you can't deal with it, then you may ask that person not to be a part of your life or simply change your routine (which is basically why you date).

What this individual did however, goes far over the line of kind, loving, respectful, compassionate or caring. In fact it was & is the complete opposite.

He informed me that He did not want me to go to the MoHo group, because he likes it, and he doesn't want me there. He visited a lawyer, and threatened legal action (all of this because I entertained him well for a weekend, during which, he could have left at any time).

I have been struggling within myself, trying to come to terms with this and make some positive lesson from it. I certainly have no interest in dating the psychotic or the vicious.

Aside from dealing with my 1st ex-wife, I have never been through such an incredibly painful experience in my life.

As funny as this may sound; For me as a Libra, I certainly have no interest to ever date another Aquarius, and as a Snake in the Chinese astrology, I'll never date another Snake, either. I will definitely need to consult astrology more seriously, in the future on such matters.

It's amazing to me, that I could seemingly hit it off with someone, that proved to be so very treacherous. I've always believed that the good you do, comes back to you. I've never intentionally harmed anyone in my life; So I've never expected anything ugly to come my way.

The entire gay, mormon thing, is hard enough without running into the Previously damaged and dysfunctional.

I'm still trying to make sense of it all. Please don't expect that this posting is intended to give understanding, because on this matter, I'm still grasping for some kind of meaning and understanding.

I love to do positive posts, but this one is merely to help me (hopefully) to figure this out.

None of my gay friends have ever had such an ugly experience in dating the dysfunctional.

I'll now leave this to God, and some how, I pray; Something useful can come of it.

I hope that I'll now feel up to writing in my blog again.

I hope that no one has read this, but I had to write it.