Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm actually in the mood to blog. Right on!

Thursday night I met someone just Utterly Incredible!

He is a Scorpio which is a new experience for me, & was raised around Latter Day Saints for much of his life. He is stunningly featured with stunning, gorgeous eyes. He too, does hair (is attending beauty school) & has a passion for life & is very charismatic.

I met him Thursday night at the Ogden Outreach & we have not been apart, since! He just about overwhelmed me twice over the weekend; He told me that he is in love with me on Saturday & always wants to be with me (& I let him know that I too, am in Love with him), then again, last night When he actually proposed to me! I couldn't help but accept as I crave him in every way possible.

Yesterday at church (such an amazing church) with My Dennis, was magical. People kept telling us that we are beautiful, cute, & have a great energy together! They were simply telling us what I already knew.

Dennis is just beautiful, & I'm so in awe of him & who he is. He is also very good with my kids; So loving with them & able to give them direction when they need it. I admit that I also love that he has a very protective instinct about him that makes me feel all the better around him.

I'm astonished that I can fall in love so rapidly, with anyone. This is a first for me.

I keep thanking God for him in my life & continue to ask him for my guidance with him.