Sunday, April 5, 2009

Damn Fire!

I haven't been much into blogging, lately.

I just started back to my seasonal government job, which has really been messing up my sleeping schedule. The sad thing, is that it has really affected my creative flow.

My kids stayed the weekend with me, and have been just a blast, until later this afternoon, when they were wrecking the house with reckless abandon.

This was stressing me out (even after a good nap)...Well I damned near overwhelmed the house when I was burning cardboard with smoke. I thought that the chimney damper had closed, so I actually closed it, started the cardboard, heard the kids yelling for me to see them in the bath and...I came back out to see flames and smoke licking around the top of the fireplace. Bloody, lovely! Just grand.

I quickly determined that nothing would be harmed by the flames itself, so I tore off the plastic weather layer from off of the sliding glass door and opened it, the front door, and windows for the smoke to escape. It's now all over but cleaning up the soot. Still, no actual harm...What a blessing. Definitely a first for me. Thank goodness I don't panic; But so help me, I had all sorts of possible options racing through my brain. I really picked the best one.

That being said, I intend to buy two fire extinguishers ASAP.

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