Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Interesting and wonderful times

I've had so many wonderful things going on lately. I keep thanking God for so many blessings, and getting to meet and spend time with so many incredible people.

I had a blast at Scott's and Sarah's MoHo group party in their home. I got to meet several new people and get better acquainted.

One of them is a mentor of mine because he is active in the LDS faith, and Out, and Even works to do his Hometeaching. Holy Cow!

My good friend from years past, referred me to call him after I came out to him; Basically because "C" is just really that impressive and worthy of emulation. So I actually got to meet him, yet I didn't recognize him at the party. He said little things that made me think of him, yet I quickly spaced off the question while everyone was interacting in the swirl of conversation, so I didn't mention that cool guy (that was so willing to speak with me via phone previously with no-holds barred).

It occurred to me later when he posted on facebook, and I let him know. We were both surprised that we didn't figure it out at the party. Too Funny.

God makes the world a smaller place to bless us, sometimes.

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